Maine’s resettled refugees were carried, through a confluence of unique circumstances, away from their homes of origin and to this unlikely landing place—just like objects they brought with them. Carried from Home reveals a deeper understanding of their lives and passages. Through the objects and the stories of those who behold them, we explore the concept of value as it relates to who we are, what we own, where we call home, and what we share as cultures collide and coexist in our state.

Most of us have an object that holds great meaning to us, that we care for, and that has traveled a great distance with us—through time or miles or both. Carried from Home connects the audience with its subjects through the shared experience of holding onto what we care about most.

No matter where we live, we all want to know: who are our neighbors, where do they come from and why are they here? In a time when the value of refugees in our communities is often questioned, Carried from Home shows us that values of our neighbors “from away” are not so foreign after-all.

Carried From Home was funded by the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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