Jessica Jaccarino is a wedding and pet photographer based out of San Diego, California.

Filmed and produced by Sofia Aldinio.

Sofia Urruti

Jewlery Artist

Every piece of art she creates it's related to her own life experiences. She has only been doing this for two year but she says that it was a healing experience working with her hands.

Filmed and produced by Sofia Aldinio.

Sperry Odyssey Project

Fatherhood & Northern California

Ryan is and Analog photographer and new father. He first started shooting photos when he left home in the 90s. What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a full blown gig as he captured California surf culture.

Produced: Sperry, Kingspoke & Sofia Aldinio

Filmed: Sofia Aldinio

Photos: Ryan Tatar & Sofia Aldinio

Sperry Odyssey Project

Summit to Sea

"The Northeast tests what we are capable of and, although the tests are difficult, inevitably they make us stronger"  "As we descended the mountain at the end of the day tired and weathered, yet, fulfilled, it is the challenges of New England that bring the sense of comfort". Julia Ford, Ski racer.

Produced: Sperry, Kingspoke & Sofia Aldinio.

Filmed: Sofia Aldinio.

Sperry Odyssey Project

Grain Surfboards to Novia Scotia

Surfing… It’s just the most fun thing I can think of doing. 

Nolan Collins and his closest friends and fellow shapers went on a trip to Nova Scotia to surf some new waves, explore new territory, build a board along the way and gift it to a waterman in need.

Produced:Sperry. Kingspoke

Filmed: Kingspoke & Sofia Aldinio

Episode 5 of a New Zealand Freeride Story. 

Produced: Clean Line Productions & Colin Boyd

Filmed by: Clean Line Productions & Colin Boyd & Sofia Aldinio.

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