1. Eat is Life

    22 Jun 2016
    Back in March I was in Ibiza visiting my good friend Paulina. After years of working with food she was asked to be part of this amazing concept “Eat is Life”. If you care about food a must visit if you are in Ibiza.

  2. Lake Street Dive

    01 Jun 2016
    Lake Street Dive concert in Portland, Maine. The weather was misty and rainy, but that didn’t stopped people from having fun. Awesome band. Shooting for Kingspoke.


    17 May 2016
    Tyler Gaudet and Jackson McLeod, two native Mainers, are successfully producing thousands of heads of lettuce, grown locally and sustainably through their aquaponic system located in Dresden, Maine.  They met first at Kent’s Hill boarding school and their friendship was immediate. As college roommates, Tyler and Jack bonded yet concentrated…

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