1. Baobab Organics - Creating Roots

    17 Oct 2016
    I met Vero in 2014, when I arrived in Maine. I remember being pregnant at that time and that was my first reason why her clothing brand Baobab Organics called my attention at the Common Ground Fair ( a celebration of rural living that promotes organically grown Maine produce). When…

  2. 36 hours Acadia National Park

    10 Oct 2016
    As new parents, trying to keep up with the outdoor lifestyle we used to have is not always the priority, yet we fully realize that when we take time off from our wee one, every gulp of fresh mountain or ocean air counts.  With bikes, tent, boat, surfboard (just in…

  3. Maine Summer 2016

    27 Sep 2016
    One thing that I have learned very quickly is that Maine summers are awesome but short, so you must enjoy every single day. With work picking up for everyone or almost everyone, the tourists and friends visiting from afar, and just trying to cram in every moment, summer is certainly…

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