Sofia Aldinio

365 Squares

A few weeks ago I spent a morning with the talented Katie Chastain. Below is a story about her 2016 project. 

By Katie Chastain

I started 2016 with one goal - to discover myself as an artist. I made a promise that I would make a painting every day, even if it sucked, and so the project, 365 Squares, was born.

365 Squares has allowed me to meet and chronicle a consistent goal of finishing one painting every day. Even if everything else fell apart, if I put paintbrush to paper, I could count at least one success. It has only ever been about the process - never perfection. It’s been about exploration, determination, and about proving to myself that YES, I can do this.

I did put a few boundaries in place. Every painting must be 6x6, numbered, and posted on Instagram in chronological order. And I had to post it even if it sucked. That’s it. These “rules” have given me just enough direction to allow myself to freely create.

The journey has been equally enlightening and exhausting - but so worth it.

Above my workspace (aka kitchen table), I hung these words as a daily reminder:

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

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